Chris Rollins

ChrisRollinsIn 2007, fresh out of law school and newly admitted to the practice of law, Chris Rollins and his family of four packed their bags, cleaned out the savings account and ventured out for Hong Kong to pursue a career in the investment banking industry.  Within weeks, Chris had started a career at Goldman Sachs where he worked for two years.  He then transferred to the international equities division at Morgan Stanley where he was ultimately promoted to the rank of vice president.  During this successful time in Hong Kong, Chris realized that negotiating derivatives contracts was not his life’s calling and thus he continued to search for a more fulfilling role that would allow him to help others to reach their goals.

Says Chris, “I was fortunate to have a good friend in Honolulu, Rick Abelmann, who was practicing bankruptcy law and constantly raving about the satisfaction that he received from helping his clients to get out of debt and get back on the path to achieving their financial goals.”   Chris continued to get positive updates from Rick on the practice of bankruptcy law and on the benefits of family life in Hawaii.

After an exploratory visit to Honolulu, it was an easy decision for Chris and his family, now up to 4 children, to once again pick up and move across the world.

Now with roots sunk deep into Hawaiian soil, Chris is enjoying every opportunity to meet one-on-one with clients and finding great satisfaction in assisting them to achieve their goals.  “It’s really rewarding to see clients leave our office with less stress and more hope for the future. Almost without fail, they tell us that they wish they had come to see us sooner.”

As a husband and father of four, Chris understands financial stress.  Adding to this understanding is the time that he spent doing humanitarian work in Ecuador, Haiti, China and the Philippines.  His time in Hong Kong working on complex financial matters helped him to see things from a different perspective.  “I feel like my time working with the big investment banks and hedge funds prepared me to deal with the more complex matters that I see in my practice here in Hawaii; and it gives me insight into the way creditors are thinking.”

As evidenced by the always-wet board shorts, when not in the office, Chris is likely to be found in the beautiful Hawaiian waters with his wife and four kids close by.  He also continues to work as a board member of the non-profit group, HelpOneFuture, as a Boy Scouts leader, and in his local church group.

Chris is licensed to practice law in Hawai’i and Washington and is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.   In September 2012, he received nearly 30 hours of  intensive training on pursuing FDCPA claims on behalf of our clients.

Además, Chris habla Español y le encantaría ayudar a quien lo necesite.