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Which Bills Should I Pay First (When You Can’t Pay Them All)?

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Debt can become a crushing presence in your life. The resulting stress is overwhelming when you simply cannot afford to make your payments. Running the numbers over and over again doesn’t help; the math never changes. Something has to give. Prioritizing which bills to pay first is difficult, but these tips should point you in the right direction.

Secured Versus Unsecured Debt

To understand which bill should be paid off first it is important to know the differences between types of debt. There are two basic forms, secured and unsecured. The fundamental distinction between the two is that property is used as collateral for a secured loan. Unsecured debt is not directly attached to property. In most cases, you will want to pay off secured debt first.

Secured Debt

The property used as collateral

Personal Finance New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year is here, bringing a fresh start for 2016. This means resolutions, and for many out there, new financial goals. But how to accomplish them? The best way is to start small, deciding on a few manageable goals that will help save money, pay debts, and lessen stress. This is easier said than done, but with a bit of insight and instruction, the financial goals for 2016 will be one resolution that is easily kept.

Create a Budget

2016 Budget

Budgeting is the best way to stay within financial means. First, gather up all the bills for the past few months. Next, decide which are necessary recurring bills, like mortgage payments, food bills, and heating costs, that must be budgeted for each month.

10 Ways to Make the Economic Recovery Work for You

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10 Ways to Make the Economy

The Great Recession, as it is now called, hit a lot of people hard. Jobs were lost, as were homes and retirement funds. Now the economy is recovering though it might be difficult to see for some people. However, the stock market has steadily climbed in the last four years, and the rate of unemployment is creeping downward.

For some people the turnaround means they are simply able to get back to normal, paying bills on time and maintaining a regular job. If you managed to weather the storm a bit better, though, you might be looking for ways to turn the economic recovery to your advantage.

As the economy improves, there’s an opportunity to not just recover, but

16 Ways to Improve Your Financial Situation in 2015

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Financial issues are always a huge source of stress. Money determines so much of what your life will be like, and what you’ll be able to do with it. More than that, when you’re worrying about something as important as the money it can be difficult to relax and enjoy the things that are going well. It can be so stressful that your finances never get addressed properly.

Like most things when we end up procrastinating, taking a first step is not as hard as we imagine. Breaking the issue up into a few straightforward areas, and then taking it step by step, turns an insurmountable task into a manageable one.

Managing Your Money

1. Write Out A Budget

Make an honest list of where your money is going. Everyone has bills like rent

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