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Bankruptcy 101: Understand the Basics Before Filing

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Job loss, foreclosure, divorce, injury, or illness… just about everyone goes through one of these hurdles at some point in life. If you’ve gone through a similar problem, or you’re dealing with it right now, you probably know from personal experience how fast debt can pile up, leaving you and your family in a precarious position.  

Bankruptcy could provide you with relief from overwhelming debt. It can give you a chance for a fresh start, while still compensating your creditors for their investment. On the other hand, going through bankruptcy will affect your life for several years after you file, and the process isn’t an easy one. 

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you should learn everything you can about the process before you submit your

Eviction & Bankruptcy: Can Filing for Bankruptcy Save You from Eviction?

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Filing for bankruptcy can save you from eviction temporarily, but it won’t stop the proceedings forever. However, it will give you more time to work things out with your landlord so that you can stay in your rental home, condo, or apartment. The eviction proceedings will also erase other qualifying debt, which will free up your income to pay past due rent. Here’s what you need to know.

Automatic Stay and Eviction

The good news is, filing for bankruptcy can stay or stop eviction procedures temporarily, but you will still need to pay your landlord what you owe him if you want to continue living in the rental unit. Filing may give you enough time to save up your back rent so that you can work things out with your landlord and

When Can I File Bankruptcy Again?

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Bankruptcy gives many people a way to start over, but for others, an additional filing may be needed. If this is the case, you may be asking, “When can I file for bankruptcy a second time?” 

There is no minimum time period under bankruptcy law that requires you to wait before filing again. However, if you file too soon after a previous case, you’re putting your eligibility for debt discharge at risk. 

Still, even without debt forgiveness, this may be a reasonable choice for those who need an additional option to get back on their feet.

Though these cases are uncommon, your financial situation may have extenuating circumstances that make you a good candidate. 

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