Why We Really File for Bankruptcy

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In 2011, the Institute for Financial Literacy researched the most common reasons for bankruptcy filing. They found that while 70% cited overextension of credit as a leading factor, 65% citied reduction in income, 43% referenced job loss, and injury and illness were contributing factor in 30.9% of these cases. Respondents could list more than one reason, which is why these percentages add up to more than 100%. The percentage of people citing injury and illness has been constant the past five years, while job loss and a reduction in income are cited more frequently now than they were in 2001.

Disability and worker’s compensation benefits will not afford you a luxurious lifestyle. Hawaii state law says that temporary total disability benefits are 66% of the person’s average weekly wage. Worker’s compensation

Deserving local family saved from foreclosure

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Recently we helped a client who was in a very difficult situation – he was trying to stop the foreclosure process threatening his home, while at the same time caring for his ailing wife who is terminally ill. Doloroso Dumlao was being forced to choose between spending his last days with his wife and using all of his time filling out forms and coming to our office.  Calls to his lender, Citimortgage, seemed to be ineffective – I spent hours going around in circles just trying to get representatives to understand that his wife was physically unable to sign a power of attorney, affidavits, or any of the loan modification application forms due to her illness.  We were trying to help Mr. Dumlao avoid having to file

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